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The market is always changing, and so is the quality brand Hanselifter. All kinds of news, whether internal or external, we will post here.

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Safety & Quality

Forklift trucks, pedestrian stackers, electric pallet trucks, high lift trucks, lifting tables or pallet trucks. The same principle applies to all of them.


Rental equipment

Renting instead of buying. No matter which forklift, pallet truck or pedestrian truck, short or long term rental. We are your lessor.

rental equipment

Spare parts service

Spare parts and wear parts are often urgent and we have them in stock. Expert advisors help you to source them so your device quickly becomes operational again.

Spare parts service

Training Center

Technical training and sales courses, directly from Hanselifter, right at the pulse of the equipment. We also train forklift drivers according to DGVU68.


Special construction

Special constructions in our workshop and according to your requirements. We have many years of experience with special constructions

Special construction

Product Configurator

Find the right device in only 4 steps. The configurator is your clever tool for the product

Product Configurator

The world of materials handling technology

The blue world of lifting & conveyor technology, from forklift trucks to pallet trucks. We love lifting & conveyor technology

lifting & conveyor technology

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HanseLifter - only the best for your warehouse

Whether for private or commercial use - HanseLifter is the professional brand for forklift trucks and warehousing technology. Here, you can find a huge selection of high-quality products. All the comprehensive operating and warehouse equipment you need. High quality criteria are just as important to us as ensuring safety regulations, even beyond the standard required. In the materials handling technology category, HanseLifter excels with a comprehensive range of diverse pallet truck variants.

Day-to-day work in warehouses can be so much easier with the right device. When large warehouses have to be cleaned, a simple mop is not enough. With the powerful and high-quality sweepers by HanseLifter, cleaning is quick and easy. Are you looking for the right technical equipment for your warehouse? With our large range of warehouse and operating equipment, the set-up of your warehouse can begin.

HanseLifter stands for quality, reliability and longevity, even in continuous use. The HanseLifter pallet trucks are ideally suited for transporting EURO pallets and thanks to different load capacities, are capable of transporting machines or other heavy loads. The optimal aid for logistics and production. In addition, the warehouse and operating equipment section also offers highly durable workshop cranes. You can use them to align components as required or lift motors.

HanseLifter can offer an ideal solution for almost every problem in the warehouse. Electric pallet trucks help you to transport your pallets over long distances with little physical effort. Manual and semi-electric stackers are used for stacking pallets. You can also transport pallets over short distances. Our powerful electric pallet stackers are fully electric, for electric lifting and moving of your goods. Electric scissor lift tables, with lifting heights up to 3 m, are ideally suited if height differences in the warehouse have to be overcome on a regular basis. While our mobile lift tables and scissor lift tables provide support for order picking and ergonomic working.

Are you facing a major challenge in your warehouse or operations? Then our forklift trucks in different versions can help! Our quiet and environmentally friendly electric forklift trucks are available as 3-wheel and 4-wheel versions. The powerful diesel forklift trucks with a wide range of special equipment are ideally suited for outdoor use. For flexible use, our LPG forklift trucks provide an impressive solution. Environmentally friendly, but still with the power of a combustion engine! Do you want to handle hard-to-reach goods? The HanseLifter reach trucks impress where other trucks cannot go. And we also have the perfect solution for use in difficult terrain. Our all terrain forklift trucks, with large pneumatic tyres and reinforced brakes, defy any rough terrain!

Our service staff will be happy to answer any questions, suggestions or special product requests.